Emánuel Moór: Music For Viola


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Toccata Classics


Νέο!22 Ιουνίου 2022

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Dirk Hegemann (Viola), Dávid Báll (Piano)

Rosenstein String Quartet

Anima Musicæ Chamber Orchestra
Mátyás Antal (Μαέστρος)

Moór, Emanuel (1863-1931)

Prelude and Fugue for String Quartet, P182 /Rosenstein String Quartet

I. Prelude

II. Fugue

Prelude No. 1 in E Major for Viola & Piano, Op. 123 /Dirk Hegemann (viola), Dávid Báll (piano)

Pièces lyriques for String Quartet, Op. 139 /Rosenstein String Quartet

I. Andante con moto

II. Tempo di valse

III. Andante sostenuto

IV. Allegro moderato

Romanze for Viola & Piano, P202 /Dirk Hegemann (viola), Dávid Báll (piano)

Concertstück in C-Sharp Minor for Viola & Piano, P166 /Dirk Hegemann (viola), Dávid Báll (piano)

Concertstück in C-Sharp Minor for Viola & Orchestra, P167 /Dirk Hegemann (viola), Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra, Mátyás Antal

The works of Emánuel Moór (1863–1931) ought to be celebrated as among the major achievements of Romantic music, but because of Moór’s peripatetic life – he was born in Hungary, studied in Vienna (with Bruckner), performed in the US and across Europe, became a UK citizen and settled and died in Switzerland – no country has claimed and promoted him to the degree he deserves. Moór’s musical language offers a deeply satisfying blend of contrapuntal mastery and ardent lyricism, as the works on this album – written for or involving the viola – demonstrate. In time he will be recognised as one of the masters of his age.

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