Agents are Forever – Soundtrack Highlights


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13 Ιανουαρίου 2022

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Caroline Henderson (Vocals)

Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Hans Ek (Μαέστρος)

An original production of the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Film music from the most famous agent and detective thrillers such as James Bond 007 (Skyfall, Love Greetings from Moscow, On Her Majesty’s Business, Goldfinger and many others) Bridge of Spies, Kingsman, The Pink Panther, Dick Tracy, Sherlock (BBC), Mission Impossible and Homeland.

  • Orchestration follows the original orchestration of the films, performed by one of Scandinavia’s finest symphony orchestras, with over 100 members
  • Live recordings from the Sherlock (BBC) and Kingsman soundtracks never before released on Blu-ray or CD
  • Danish Music Awards winner Caroline Henderson performs as soloist
  • Recorded with 16 cameras, high definition 5.1. audio recording
  • A must have for any James Bond fan!
  • Featuring compositions by John Williams, John Barry, Michael Giacchino, Stephen Sondheim, Thomas Newman, Bono, Adele & Paul McCartney.