Marlene Dietrich: Collection 1930 – 1962


2 CD

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Marlene Dietrich (Vocals)


CD 1

  1. Falling In Love Again (From The Film “The Blue Angel”) 1930
  2. Naughty Lola (From The Film “The Blue Angel) 1930
  3. Peter 1931
  4. Jonny (From The Film “Song Of Songs”) 1931
  5. Quand L’amour Meurt (From The Film “Morocco”) 1931
  6. Give Me The Man (From The Film “Morocco”) 1931
  7. You Little So And So (From The Film “Blonde Venus”) 1932
  8. Assez 1933
  9. Moi, Je M’ennuie 1933
  10. If It Isn’t Pain (Then It Isn’t Love) (From The Film “The Devil Is A Woman”) 1935
  11. Three Sweethearts Have I (From The Film “The Devil Is A Woman”) 1935
  12. Awake In A Dream (From The Film “Desire”) 1936
  13. The Man’s In The Navy 1940
  14. I’ve Been In Love Before (From The Film “Seven Sinners.”) 1939
  15. You Do Something To Me (From The Film “Seven Sinners.”) 1939
  16. You’ve Got That Look (From The Film “Destry Rides Again.”) 1939
  17. You Go To My Head 1939
  18. Falling In Love Again 1939
  19. See What The Boys In The Back Room Will Have (From The Film “Destry Rides Again.”) 1939
  20. He Lied And I Listened (From The Film “Manpower”) 1941
  21. Lili Marlene 1945
  22. Symphonie 1945
  23. Illusions (From The Film “A Foreign Affair”) 1949
  24. Black Market (From The Film “A Foreign Affair”) 1949
  25. Sag Mir Adieu (Time On My Hands) (From The Album “Marlene Dietrich Overseas”) 1951

CD 2

  1. Ich Hab’ Die Ganze Nacht Geweint (I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night-The Album”Marlene Dietrich”)
  2. Get Away, Young Man (From The Film “Rancho Notorious”) 1952
  3. Too Old To Cut The Mustard (with R.Clooney) 1952
  4. Good For Nothin’ (with R.Clooney) 1952
  5. Come Rain Or Come Shine 1952
  6. Love Me 1952
  7. Time For Love 1953
  8. Look Me Over Closely 1953
  9. Dot’s Nice – Donna Fight 1953
  10. It’s The Same 1953
  11. Besides – He’s A Man (with R. Clooney) 1953
  12. Land Sea And Air (with R.Clooney) 1953
  13. La Vie En Rose (From The Album “Live At The Café De Paris”) 1954
  14. The Laziest Gal In Town (From The Album “Live At The Café De Paris”) 1954
  15. Ich Hab’ Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin (From The Film “I Am A Camera”) 1954
  16. Back Home Again In Indiana (From The Film “The Monte Carlo Story”) 1957
  17. Near You (With Billy Vaughn) 1957
  18. Another Spring, Another Love (With B.Vaughn) 1957
  19. I May Never Go Home Anymore (With B.Bacharach. The Film “Witness For The Prosecution”) 1957
  20. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (With B.Bacharach) 1957
  21. Das Lied Ist Aus (Don’t Ask Me Why) (With B.Bacharach) 1959
  22. Wenn Ich Mir Was Wünschen Dürfte (With B.Bacharach. The Album „Wiedersehen Mit Marlene”)
  23. Cherche La Rose Marlene Dietrich (With B.Bacharach) 1962
  24. Marie Marie Marlene Dietrich (With B.Bacharach) 1962
  25. Ou Vont Les Fleurs Marlene Dietrich (With B.Bacharach) 1962
  26. Dejeuner Du Matin Marlene Dietrich (With B.Bacharach)1962

This great 51-track 2 CD contains a representative selection of her recordings, including her film appearances, commercial studio recordings (some of which are from her film songs), and “live” recordings that together show the breadth of her talent and repertoire.

It contains her duet recordings with Rosemary Clooney, with whom she had her chart hit “Too Old To Cut The Mustard”, selected tracks from her albums “Marlene Dietrich Overseas”, “Live im Café de Paris”, “Live In Rio” and “Wiedersehen mit Marlene” and tracks from her collaboration with Burt Bacharach in the late 50s and early 60s, which are rare.

It contains songs and recordings from the movies “The Blue Angel”, “Morocco”, “Blonde Venus”, “Desire”, “Seven Sinners”, “Destry Rides Again”, “Manpower”, “A Foreign Affair”, “Rancho Notorious”, “I Am A Camera”,”Monte Carlo Story”, “Witness For The Prosecution”.

It is a fascinating and entertaining celebration of the unique and distinctive star.

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