The Haar: Irish Traditional Songs


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31 Αυγούστου 2020Ερώτηση για το προϊόν




Molly Donnery (Vocals), Cormac Byrne (Percussion), Murray Grainger (Accordion), Adam Summerhayes (Hardanger Fiddle)

The Haar: Irish Traditional Songs

  1. The king’s shilling
  2. The green fields of Canada
  3. Willie Taylor
  4. Siùil a rùn
  5. My lagan love
  6. The creggan white hare
  7. Two sisters
  8. The emigrant’s farewell
  9. Craigie hills

Two musicians stand in a crowded pub on the Irish island of Inis Oírr; a flame-haired girl silences the room with a quiet unaccompanied song – Molly’s voice was worth the silence. An impulsive decision follows, and at sunset the next day, Molly, Adam and Cormac meet at a timeless shipwreck on the wild Atlantic shoreline. They sit on a rock and a simple traditional song emerges – just voice, fiddle and bodhrán. No rehearsal, no arrangement – the song performed intuitively … the seed of an idea that grows into The Haar, the lineup completed when Molly and Murray (accordion) meet for the first time in the studio to record Irish traditional songs tackling love, poverty and oppression – subjects that link the peoples of these islands. In the studio, the music flows from the band’s first notes together – reminiscent of the haar, a sea mist that rolls in from the Irish and North Seas: fleeting, intangible, headily thick, suddenly overwhelming and then unexpectedly clearing for a glimpse of precious sunlight. The band make no plans, just letting the music create itself; the tracks on the album are the first and only versions, as unpredictable and ephemeral as the haar itself.