Ruby Murray: Her 31 Finest 1954-1962


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Ruby Murray (Vocals)

Contents 1. Softly, softly 2. Heartbeat 3. Happy days and lonely nights 4. Let me go, lover 5. Goin’ co’tin’ – Murray, Ruby / Decker, Diana / Burns, Ray / Harris, Ronnie 6. If anyone finds this, I love you – Murray, Ruby / Warren, Anne 7. Evermore 8. I’ll come when you call 9. Danny boy 10. When Irish eyes are smiling 11. Galway bay 12. The mountains of mourne 13. The very first Christmas of all 14. You are my first love 15. True love 16. Ave Maria 17. Good luck, good health, God bless you – Murray, Ruby / Holliday, Michael / Calvert, Eddie 18. Mister wonderful 19. Scarlet Ribbons 20. Little white lies 21. Passing strangers 22. Ain’t that a grand and glorious feeling? 23. Real love 24. Coortin’ in the kitchen 25. Believe me, if all those endearing young charms 26. Let him go, let him tarry 27. Nevertheless 28. A pretty irish girl – Murray, Ruby / O’Dowda, Brendan 29. Smile 30. Trottin’ to the fair 31. Goodbye, Jimmy, goodbye

Softly, Softly is Retrospective’s warm-hearted tribute to the winsome Irish colleen who, at the age of 19, became a superstar and set the remarkable record of having five hits in the Top 20 at the same time. With her velvety voice, tinged with an appealing huskiness, and her hesitant charm, Ruby Murray captured the hearts of listeners to become one of the best-loved of all singers of the ‘fabulous 50s’. Our survey of her remarkable career contains all the hits, from Heartbeat through to Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye, together with nine favourite Irish delights such as Danny Boy and Trottin’ To The Fair. Ruby also had a winning way with evergreen standards, including True Love, Little White Lies and Charlie Chaplin’s Smile. This collection celebrates the musical legend that is Ruby Murray.

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