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Paco de Lucia (Guitar)

Contents Disk 1 1.Percusion Flamenca (Instrumental) 2.Barrio La Vina (Instrumental) 3.Doblan Campanas (Instrumental) 4.Farruca De Lucia (Instrumental) 5.Tientos De El Mentidero (Instrumental) 6.Farolillo De Feria (Instrumental) 7.De Madruga (Instrumental) 8.Cuando Canta El Gallo (Instrumental) 9.Punta Del Faro (Instrumental) 10.Canastera (Instrumental)

Disk 2 1.Entre Dos Aguas 2.Aires Choqueros (Instrumental) 3.Reflejo De Luna (Instrumental) 4.Solera (Instrumental) 5.Fuente Y Caudal (Instrumental) 6.Cepa Andaluza 7.Los Pinares (Instrumental) 8.Plaza De San Juan (Instrumental)

Disk 3 1.Alegrias (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 2.Tarantas (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 3.Granainas (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 4.Zapateado (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 5.Solea (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real / 1975) 6.Fandangos (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 7.Guajiras (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975) 8.Rumba (En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real/1975)

Disk 4 1.Almoraima (Instrumental) 2.Cueva Del Gato (Instrumental) 3.El Cobre (Instrumental) 4.A La Perla De Cadiz (Instrumental) 5.Ole (Instrumental) 6.Plaza Alta (Instrumental) 7.Rio Ancho (Instrumental) 8.Llanos Del Real (Instrumental)

Disk 5 El sombrero de tres picos 1.Danza De Los Vecinos (Arr. Paco de Lucia) 2.Danza Ritual Del Fuego 3.Introduccion Y Pantomima 4.El Pano Moruno 5.Danza Del Molinero (Arr. Paco de Lucia) 6.Danza (Instrumental) 7.Escena (Instrumental) 8.Cancion Del Fuego Fatuo 9.Danza Del Terror 10.Danza De La Molinera (Arr. Paco de Lucia)

Handy, chic, full to bursting with top recordings – the inexpensive box sets of the 5 original album series have long since conquered a firm place in the trade and the collections of music lovers. With eight new jazz boxes, the top labels Verve, Blue Note and Mercury are now giving their fans new food. As always, the recordings were digitally remastered and the legendary artwork of the original albums reproduced on pocket CDs. Five well-known albums each were collected here – at an absolutely unbeatable price

This time the range stretches from the king of German jazz hits, Götz Alsmann, who was just romping around in the pop charts with his Rome album, to singer Silje Nergaard, who has countless fans especially in Germany, as her current sold-out tour proves. The Blue Note label is represented with its successful voices Bobby McFerrin and Cassandra Wilson, as well as the legendary instrumentalists John Scofield, Jimmy Smith and Freddie Hubbard. Flamenco King Paco De Lucia is also one of the bestsellers of World Music this time

Many of the represented albums have become rare as single CDs and are available here for the first time after a long time. The Silje-Nergaard-Box even includes a worldwide CD premiere with the album “Live in Cologne”!

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