Alain Lefevre: 7 Preludes “Opus 7”


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Alain Lefèvre (Piano)


Lefèvre, Alain: Piano and Composer

Force fragile, Pt. 1

Force fragile, Pt. 2

Dernier souffle, Pt. 1

Dernier souffle, Pt. 2

Amour fou

En deux temps, Pt. 1

En deux temps, Pt.2

Aux portes du destin, Pt. 1

Aux portes du destin, Pt.2

Clair obscur, Pt. 1

Clair obscur, Pt. 2

Mati, Pt. 1 Alain Lefèvre (piano) & Thanasis Polykandriotis (bouzouki)

Mati, Pt. 2 Alain Lefèvre (piano) & Thanasis Polykandriotis (bouzouki)

With an album of original compositions, French-Canadian pianist Alain Lefèvre once again shows himself to be a talented storyteller who elicits many different voices from the piano. All the pieces on Opus 7 are related to stories, images and personal impressions that Lefèvre has spun together as if in an imaginary novel translated into music. Lefèvre, who is best known as a performer, composed his own works at a very early age, which were soon to find great success with the public. Of his compositional style, Lefèvre writes: “I start with a musical idea, record it, and then it goes its way. Then I compose the piece, tempo and inspiration come naturally. My style may seem simple. In reality, the theme must be simple, even if the piece turns out to be complex when played, which is usually the case.”

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