Klara Cloud & The Vultures: Vauna


1 CD 

Jazz Μουσική 


10 Μαΐου 2024

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  1. Intro
  2. Tu Bylam
  3. The Tale For Johny
  4. The Vultures Part I
  5. Turtledove
  6. Wyplata Po Terminie
  7. Krotka Historia Jednego Piorka
  8. Motyle
  9. The Vulture Part II
  10. In My Little Garden

The eight original compositions, together with two traditional songs, refer thematically to the animal world. The lyrics are by Oskar Kolberg, Janina Osinska, Janina Porazinska and Sylwia Klara Zasempa. All compositions on this album recreate a story of childhood, adulthood and the discovery of a life in harmony with nature. Vauna is currently a very unusual woman’s name that was popular in the USA in the 20th century. A person with this name was considered creative and independent. In addition, Vauna was seen as a woman looking for unique and extraordinary experiences in her life. The name of this album is, in the eyes of the band, also an allusion to “fauna”, all animal species of the world, their nature and instincts

Sylwia Klara Zasempa: “The album Vauna is a fusion of my inspirations from nature and Free Jaz”z, which I feel especially. When we made this album, we tried to combine traditional folk melodies and motifs with jazz, but we weren’t sure what the end result would be. For this project I invited musicians whose originality, creativity and experience inspired me. I am deeply grateful for the pleasure of making music with them.”

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