Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges: Back To Back (Acoustic Sounds Vinyl 180g)


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Jazz Μουσική 



Νέο!10 Ιουνίου 2024

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Duke Ellington (Piano)Johnny Hodges (Saxophone)
Harry »Sweets« Edison (Trumpet)Sam Jones (Bass)


  1. Wabash Blues
  2. Basin Street Blues
  3. Beale Street Blues
  4. Weary Blues
  5. St. Louis Blues
  6. Loveless Love
  7. Royal Garden Blues

Alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges repeatedly pursued solo paths throughout his career, only to return to Duke Ellington’s band each time. Even though this procedure was old hat by the time Back To Back was recorded in 1959, there seems to have been a constant tension between Ellington and Hodges. Perhaps the blues classics chosen were just the right neutral ground for the two musicians’ complicated relationship. A platform on which Ellington’s unique piano playing can come to the fore and Hodge’s irrepressible sensuality has free rein. The two are accompanied by none other than Harry “Sweets” Edison, Les Spann, Al Hall, Sam Jones and Jo Jones Jones and Jo Jones.

This recording is part of a series of 25 Verve re-issues on Analogue Productions. The original analog tapes are re-edited at Sterling Sound in New York by senior mastering engineer George Marino. Many of the tapes had only been sent as copies to other labels for decades, but Sterling Sound works so closely with Universal Music, the company that owns the Verve label, that they occasionally make an exception. The hybrid SACDs sound excellent and clearly outshine early digitizations.

Verve Acoustic Sounds series: completely analog mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound from the original tapes, QPR pressing (180 g), sturdy tip-on gatefold (Stoughton Printing), padded inner sleeve, gatefold sleeve

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