Music By Students of Anton Bruckner – TONALi Trio


2 CD 

Κλασική Μουσική 

Gramola Vienna


10 Φεβρουαρίου 2024


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Paul Caro:Piano Trio in E major, Op. 8
Cyrill Hynais:'Liebessang' in A flat major for Piano
Franz Marschner:Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 30
Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden:Piano Trio in F major
Alfred Stroß:Theme with Variations in A minor for Piano, Op. 15


TONALi Trio (Piano Trio)

In contrast to their teacher, several of Anton Bruckner’s students devoted themselves with great passion to composing chamber music, as the three piano trios recorded here for the first time bear witness. Paul Caro, a native of Breslau, studied with Bruckner from 1880 to 1885, to whom he gave the printed edition of his Piano Trio in E major, Op. 8 in September 1886. Linz-born Mathilde Kralik von Meyrswalden, who was Bruckner’s private pupil from 1875 onwards, achieved one of her first great successes with her Piano Trio in F major, premiered in 1880. Franz Marschner, born in Leitmeritz in Bohemia and a student of Bruckner’s counterpoint from 1883 to 1885, created an ambitious and masterful work of almost symphonic dimensions with his Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 30, around 1902. The recordings, for which three young, already internationally sought-after musicians have joined forces to form the TONALi Trio, are complemented by Daniel Linton-France’s world premiere recordings of two fascinating piano works by Bruckner’s students Cyrill Hynais and Alfred Stross, who studied at the Vienna Conservatory from 1876 and presumably took private lessons from Bruckner at the same time.