Romberg: Sonatas for Harp and Cello


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Gramola Vienna

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Bernhard Romberg

Cello Sonata in B flat, Op. 5 No. 3

Cello Sonata in E flat, Op. 5 No. 1

Cello Sonata in F, Op. 5 No. 2


Zsuzsanna Aba-Nagy (Harp), Zsuzsa Szolnoki (Cello)

During his lifetime Bernhard Romberg (1767-1841) was considered by many to be the “Paganini of the cello”. He went down in music history as Ludwig van Beethoven’s quartet and duo partner, as well as with his cello school, which is still up to date, and his numerous works composed for his own instrument. The two Hungarian artists Zsuzsanna Aba-Nagy and Zsuzsa Szolnoki present a fascinating account of the three sonatas for harp and cello op. 5, published in 1803, thus strikingly continuing their commitment to exceptional and forgotten chamber music.