J. S. Bach: Motets BWV 225-230 – Cantus Cölln & Konrad Junghänel


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Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

5 Ιουλίου 2024

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Johann Sebastian Bach:Motets, BWV225-230


Cantus Cölln (Early Music Ensemble)
Konrad Junghänel (Μαέστρος)


FonoForum 11/97: “The ensemble casts each vocal part with only two voices, thus illuminating the fascinating thicket of the singular movement structure in a lean and slender manner. In addition, Cantus Cölln proceeds from an aesthetically impressive non-vibrato vocal style, masters the baroque practice of ornamentation and affectation and is committed to an exemplary and concise text acclamation And is committed to an exemplary, concise text declamation.”