Vilma von Webenau: Piano Quartet, Cello Sonata & Miniatures


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Hänssler Classic


Νέο!6 Ιουνίου 2024

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Vilma von Webenau:Miniatures for Violin & PianoPiano Quartet in E minorSonata for cello & piano


Stefan Fehlandt (Viola)Alexander Hülshoff (Cello)Nina Karmon (Violin)Oliver Triendl (Piano)

Throughout her life, the composer and pupil of Arnold Schönberg was hardly known. A rough overview shows that, despite all her admiration for her teacher, she never came close to adopting his twelve-tone technique, but always remained true to an extended functional tonality. Unfortunately, Vilma von Webenau had no presence whatsoever in Austria’s musical life, let alone beyond it. Only the barely recognized “Club of Viennese Women Musicians” performed her music occasionally.