Marie Jaell: Pièces pour Piano – Viviane Goergen


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Marie Jaëll:Ce qu'on entend dans l'EnferCe qu'on entend dans le ParadisCe qu'on entend dans le Purgatoire


Viviane Goergen (Piano)

The eighteen piano pieces by Marie Jaëll are very expressive in themselves. in 1870, Marie Jaëll concentrated on composition. She took lessons from César Franck and Camille Saint-Saëns. Franz Liszt supported her work, published her compositions and played them in concerts. He writes: “A man’s name on her music and it will be played on every piano.” From 1883 to 1886, Marie Jaëll came to Liszt in Weimar for six months a year. She corrected his compositions and took care of his correspondence. A deep friendship developed between the two. Liszt writes: “She has the mind of a philosopher and the hands of an artist”.