Anna Zassimova: Defying Destiny


1 CD 

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Hänssler Classic


Νέο!10 Ιουλίου 2024

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Georgy Catoire:Chants du crépuscule, Quatre morceaux pour piano, Op. 24Quatre Préludes Op. 17
Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov:Deux Nocturnes Op. 15Three small pieces Op. 23 a
Nikolai Medtner:Piano Sonata in G minor, Op. 22Skazka (Fairy Tale), Op. 26 No. 3 in F minor
Alfred Schnittke:Prelude No. 1 A flat MajorPrelude No. 3 E Minor from Six Préludes Op. 6,
Dmitri Shostakovich:Prelude & Fugue for piano, Op. 87 No. 6 in B minor
Vsevolod Petrovich Zaderatsky:No. 4 from the cycle Microbes of the LyricSonata F Minor


Anna Zassimova (Piano)

Anna Zassimova invites us to embark on a third journey through the fateful Russian musical landscape. This journey through the peculiar Russian ouroboros of the tormented twentieth century allows us once again to discover rare works and the unknown environments in which they were created. All these works are parables of implacable destinies against which it seems hopeless to fight, but which must be defied in order to follow the veiled path of the soul.