Johann Georg Weichenberger: Works For Lute


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Hänssler Classic


Νέο!17 Ιουνίου 2022

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Johann Georg Weichenberger

Lute Suite in B-Flat Major, Cz-Bm 371

Lute Suite in B-Flat Major, Cz-Bm 372 (Arr. J. Held for Lute)

Lute Suite in G Major

Lute Suite in G Minor, Cz-Bm 371


Joachim Held (Lute)

“Weichenberger certainly must have had a certain reputation. In the New Groves Wolfgang Botticher writes that he was held in high esteem ‘although he was only an amateur’. The more recent perspective does not follow this disparagement, with good reason. Considering the beautifuI works by these composers the idea of dilettantism is far from the truth. We find first class compositions. Weichenberger’ s compositions touched me especially because of their beauty and naturalness.” – Joachim Held

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