Dimitris Tiliakos sings Schubert, Winterreise


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7 Μαρτίου 2016Ερώτηση για το προϊόν



Franz Peter Schubert

Winterreise D911


Dimitris Tiliakos (Baritone), Vassilis Varvaresos (Piano)

The Greek baritone and international opera soloist Dimitris Tiliakos recorded a wonderful version of the Winterreise cycle, together with pianist Vassilis Varvaresos. Dimitris sings in nearly all major opera houses in Europe but has a deep passion for Schuberts lieder. Vassilis is not only a brilliant soloist but also a composer and chamber music lover. They met at a festival in Greece and found out that they shared a wish to perform the Winterreise cycle so they did. After successful concerts in Athens and Paris the idea came to record the cycle and Navis Classics was directly interested to release it on the label.

In the booklet, Dimitris makes an interesting link to the ancient Greek history. Dimitris and Vassilis are both Greek and however this is not a Greek version of the Winterreise so to say, there is an interesting connection. Dimitris points out that the principle of Eros-Thanatos (Love and Death) is one of the main themes of ancient Greek art. We often talk about Life and Death but isn’t Love and Death exactly what the Winterreise is about?

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