Busoni: Early Masterpieces 1877-1883


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Holger Groschopp (Piano)

Ferruccio Busoni was unquestionably what is known as the “child prodigy”. His maturity as a youthful pianist can only be indirectly proven by eyewitness accounts; in his early compositions, however, his astonishing mastery of the métier can be directly verified. In particular, he demonstrates a sure instinct for voice leading and counterpoint, even before he would have enjoyed systematic instruction in these disciplines. Busoni connoisseurs will discover unexpected parallels to the works of the mature period, their germ cells, as it were; and the common music lover can enjoy a wealth of piano pieces, at least some of which do not need to fear comparison with Schumann, Mendelssohn, Reinecke and Grieg.

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