Vivaldi: Concerti Per La Pieta


1 CD 

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28 Ιουλίου 2020Ερώτηση για το προϊόν



Antonio Vivaldi

Concerto for Two Violins, RV513

Concerto for Viola d’Amore and Lute in D minor, RV 540

Concerto for strings, RV 152

Concerto in A major, RV 349

Concerto in C major for violin, violoncello, organ & strings RV554a

Violin Concerto, RV 222 in D major


Giangiacomo Pinardi (Lute), Fabio Biondi (Violin), Andrea Rognoni (Violin), Alessandro Andriana (Cello), Paola Poncet (Organ), Fabio Biondi (Viola D’amore)

Europa Galante

Fabio Biondi (Conductor)

Guarantor for new and exciting things – 30 years Europa Galante Founded in 1990 by the Italian baroque violinist Fabio Biondi, the Ensemble Europa Galante has long since established itself as a permanent fixture within historical performance practice. For thirty years, the musicians have been a sure guarantee that their interpretations always bring something new and exciting to the listener’s ears. The music of Antonio Vivaldi has always been the focus of the ensemble’s concert and recording activities. For the anniversary recording, the music of the “Prete Rosso” has been consistently turned to, and a programme of concertante treasures from the repertoire of its long-standing home, the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, is served. Biondi also has two valuable original instruments at his disposal (including a viola d’amore by Genaro Vinaccia built in 1758).