Philippe Jaroussky – “Pietà – Sacred Works For Alto”


1 CD | 1 DVD 

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26 Απριλίου 2022

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Antonio Vivaldi

Clarae stellae, scintillate, RV625

Concerto for strings, RV 120

Gloria in D major, RV589: Domine Deus

Introduzione al miserere, RV 638 ‘Filiae maestae Jerusalem’

Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, RV629

Salve Regina, RV 618

Stabat Mater, RV621


Philippe Jaroussky (Counter-Tenor)

Ensemble Artaserse

Philippe Jaroussky (Μαέστρος)

Vivaldi, Philippe Jaroussky and the Ensemble Artaserse are a melodious combination. On Jaroussky’s new album, “Vivaldi: Pietà,” the Stabat Mater is once again the focus of the recording. And yet the overall concept delights, because the combination of various sacred works by Vivaldi results in a contemplative and uplifting program that leaves the listener ‘glad of heart’.

The new CD “Vivaldi: Pietà” was a dream project of Philippe Jaroussky. After having dedicated his previous albums to lesser-known composers such as Johann Christian Bach, Caldara and Porpora, it was Jaroussky’s wish to concentrate again entirely on Antonio Vivaldi. In particular, he wanted to sing the Stabat Mater from 1712, since he felt that he had sung it far too rarely in his life so far anyway.

“Vivaldi: Pietà” shows many facets of Vivaldi’s compositional art for alto solo voice, for example the radiantly bright motet “Clarae stellae scintillate” or the rather pastoral “Domine Deus” from the Gloria (RV 589). Virtuoso fireworks, for which Jaroussky stands with his clear and yet always elegant counter voice, are also not neglected, e.g. in the fiery Alleluia of the motet “Longe mala, umbrae, terrores” (RV629). With the recording of the Stabat Mater on “Vivaldi: Pietà” Philippe Jaroussky wants to honor this masterpiece of the baroque and at the same time help the lesser known motets of Vivaldi to get more attention. Jaroussky made music for this CD project together with ‘his’ ensemble Artaserse, which he founded in 2005. With “Vivaldi: Pietà” Philippe Jaroussky completes at the same time his triptych of Vivaldi recitals.

Philippe Jaroussky proves once again with “Vivaldi: Pietà – Sacred Works For Alto” that first of all you can’t hear enough Vivaldi and secondly that baroque church music makes you happy. Provided the whole thing is sung by Jaroussky. A wonderful CD for curious classical music listeners as well as all baroque music or countertenor fans.

The edition with DVD features the recording sessions for Stabat Mater and Philippe Jaroussky on the tracks of Vivaldi in Venice. Vivaldi was an exciting personality, which Jaroussky brings to us competently and inquisitively.

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