Adam: Giselle – The Royal Ballet


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11 Ιανουαρίου 2022


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Adolphe Charles Adam



Natalia Osipova (Dancer), Carlos Acosta (Dancer)

Marius Petipa (Χορογράφος), Jean Coralli (Χορογράφος), Jules Perrot (Χορογράφος)

Royal Opera House Covent Garden Ballet

Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra
Boris Gruzin (Μαέστρος)

Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, January 2014

Giselle remains one of the most popular Romantic ballets of all time. The story brings together an engaging mix of human passions, supernatural forces, and the transcendent power of self-sacrificing love. The production by Sir Peter Wright catches the atmosphere of this great Romantic ballet, especially in the perfection of its White Act, with ghostly maidens drifting through the forest in spectacular patterns – one of the most famous of any scenes for the corps de ballet. Giselle dances with lightness and fragility, giving the impression of floating through the mist.

This is one of The Royal Ballet’s most loved and admired productions, faithful to the spirit of the 1841 original yet always fresh at each revival. This performance features former Bolshoi star and now Royal Ballet principal Natalia Osipova in a breath-taking interpretation of the title role.

Extra features: The Romance of Giselle, The Corps de ballet in Giselle and a cast gallery.

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