Nicoloò Paganini Complete Edition


40 CD 

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Niccolò Paganini

All his works (Complete Edition)


Zino Francescatti (Violin), Fabrizio Giudice (Guitar), Luca Fanfoni (Violin), Jascha Heifetz (Violin), Ruggiero Ricci (Violin), Yehudi Menuhin (Violin), Váša Příhoda (Violin), Salvatore Accardo (Violin), Luigi Alberto Bianchi (Violin), Franco Mezzena (Violin), Massimo Quarta (Violin), Fritz Kreisler (Violin), Antonello Farulli (Viola), Dora Bratchkova (Violin), Gotz Hartmann (Violin), Stefan Milenkovich (Violin), Guido Fichtner (Guitar), Stefano Delle Donne (Violin), Giulio Bignami (Violin), Ferenc Vecsey (Violin)

  • Paganini: 3 duets for violin and cello
  • Paganini: 4 Notturni a Quartetto MS 15
  • Paganini: 6 Duetto MS110
  • Paganini: Adagio, MS 49
  • Paganini: Allegretto for Guitar in A minor, MS 91
  • Paganini: Allegretto in A major, MS. 86
  • Paganini: Allegretto in A major, MS. 90
  • Paganini: Andante amoroso
  • Paganini: Andantino for Guitar in C major, MS 89
  • Paganini: Andantino for Guitar in C major, MS 97
  • Paganini: Andantino for Guitar in G major, MS 88
  • Paganini: Andantino for Guitar in G major, MS 99
  • Paganini: Andantino in F minor, MS.102
  • Paganini: Balletto campestre
  • Paganini: Cantabile and Valse, Op. 19, MS 45
  • Paganini: Cantabile for violin & piano / guitar in D major, Op. 17, MS 109
  • Paganini: Canzonetta for Guitar, MS 121
  • Paganini: Capriccio for solo violin
  • Paganini: Caprice d’adieu
  • Paganini: Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 13 in B flat major
  • Paganini: Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 20 in D major
  • Paganini: Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 24 in A minor
  • Paganini: Caprices for solo violin, Op. 1 Nos. 1-24
  • Paganini: Caprices for solo violin, Op. 1 Nos. 1-24
  • Paganini: Carmagnola
  • Paganini: Centone de Sonate MS 112
  • Paganini: Concertino for Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra
  • Paganini: Divertimenti Carnevaleschi for 2 violins and cello
  • Paganini: Duetto amoroso
  • Paganini: Duetto in G major
  • Paganini: Duo merveille, sonata for solo violin in C major
  • Paganini: È pur amabile, MS 53
  • Paganini: Entrata d’Adone nella reggia di Venere M.S. 8
  • Paganini: Ghiribizzi
  • Paganini: Ghiribizzo vocale, MS 120
  • Paganini: Grand Sonata
  • Paganini: Guitar Sonatas, Nos. 1-37
  • Paganini: I Palpiti, Op. 13
  • Paganini: Inno patriotico, allegro & 6 variations for solo violin in A major, MS 81
  • Paganini: Introduction & Variations on ‘Dal tuo stellato soglio’ from Rossini’s ‘Mosé in Egitto’, MS23 (Op. 24)
  • Paganini: Introduction & Variations on ‘Nel cor più non mi sento’ by Paisiello
  • Paganini: Introduction & Variations on ‘Non piu mesta’ from Rossini’s ‘La Cenerentola’
  • Paganini: La Primavera, sonata for violin & orchestra in A major
  • Paganini: Le Couvent Du Mont St. Bernard
  • Paganini: Le Streghe, Op. 8, MS 19
  • Paganini: Maestosa sonata sentimentale
  • Paganini: Marcia for Guitar in A major, MS 103
  • Paganini: Marziale for Guitar in E major, MS 105
  • Paganini: Minuetto MS 106
  • Paganini: Moto perpetuo, Op. 11, MS 72
  • Paganini: Polacca con variazioni in A major
  • Paganini: Preludes (6) for solo violin
  • Paganini: Quartets for Strings and Guitar
  • Paganini: Quartetto No.11 in H Major, MS38: Larghetto
  • Paganini: Quel jour heureux, MS 62
  • Paganini: Ritornelli (3) for two violins and cello
  • Paganini: Rondo for violin & cello
  • Paganini: Rondoncino in E major, MS. 94
  • Paganini: Serenata for Mandolin and Guitar
  • Paganini: Serenata in C Major
  • Paganini: Serenata MS 16
  • Paganini: Sinfonia della Lodovisia in D major, MS. 98
  • Paganini: Sonata and Variations for Violin, Viola, Cello and Guitar
  • Paganini: Sonata concertata for guitar & violin, MS 2
  • Paganini: Sonata for gran viola & orchestra in C minor, MS 70
  • Paganini: Sonata for Violin solo, MS 83
  • Paganini: Sonata in A major, MS. 104
  • Paganini: Sonata in E major, MS. 87
  • Paganini: Sonata Maria Luisa, MS 79
  • Paganini: Sonata MS84
  • Paganini: Sonata Napoleone
  • Paganini: Sonata per Rovere No. 7 MS14
  • Paganini: Sonata Varsavia, MS 57
  • Paganini: Sonatinas (5), MS85
  • Paganini: Sonatinas (6) for violin and guitar, MS124-129
  • Paganini: String Quartets (3), MS 20
  • Paganini: Studies (4) for solo violin
  • Paganini: Sul margine di un rio, MS 119
  • Paganini: Tarantella in A minor, MS 76
  • Paganini: Tema Variato
  • Paganini: Terzetto concertante in D Major
  • Paganini: Terzetto in A minor
  • Paganini: Terzetto in D Major, op. 66, MS69
  • Paganini: The Carnival of Venice
  • Paganini: Three Duets for violin and bassoon MS130
  • Paganini: Trio for Guitar in F major, MS 101
  • Paganini: Valse for Violin Solo, MS 80
  • Paganini: Valtz for Guitar in C major, MS 100
  • Paganini: Valtz in C major, MS. 92
  • Paganini: Valtz in E major, MS. 96
  • Paganini: Variations on ‘God save the King’, Op. 9
  • Paganini: Variations on “Pria ch’io l’impegno”
  • Paganini: Variazioni sul Barucabà, Op. 14
  • Paganini: Variazioni sul Barucabà, Op. 14
  • Paganini: Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 6
  • Paganini: Violin Concerto No. 4 in D minor
  • Paganini: Violin Concerto No. 5 in A minor
  • Paganini: Violin Concerto No. 6 in E minor
  • Paganini: Violin Concertos Nos. 1-6

It is practically impossible to speak of the violin without mentioning Paganini. He represented a veritable milestone in the history of the instrument, in that what came before him is without doubt different from what came after him. Paganini was also a composer, yet the public at large has long had only a partial knowledge of his works: several of his manuscripts belonged to a private collector who prevented scholars and publishers from having access to them, while existing editions of the published works were often unreliable and misleading. When Paganini’s manuscripts returned to Italy in 1970, things finally changed, and Dynamic can now offer, for the first time in a single 40-CD box set, all of Paganini’s works that are currently known and available. The endeavour of recording and publishing them all on CD has been considerable and has required several years’ commitment, but now anyone wanting to know the true Paganini can find in this release the legacy of a man and a composer whose performances and compositions represented a crucial turning point in the history of music, and not just for the violin.