Violin Music by Debussy, Elgar, Sibelius


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1 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

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Claude Achille Debussy

Sonata for Violin and Piano in G minor L 140

Edward William Elgar

Violin Sonata in E minor, Op. 82

Jean Sibelius

Six Humoresques, Op. 87 and Op. 89 for violin and orchestra


Margaret Fingerhut (Piano), Efi Christodoulou (Violin)

The year’s 1917/18 proved to be an interesting period for three great composers active at the early part of the 20th century. Up until this time each was known primarily for his orchestral music but in 1917/18 the three composers decided to write for smaller combinations involving the violin. This CD allows a comparison of their respective compositional styles in, perhaps, an unfamiliar context. Debussy was to die soon after completing his Violin Sonata; Elgar wrote three valedictory chamber works beginning with the Violin Sonata within this period before entering virtual creative silence apart from the final masterpiece, the Cello Concerto. Sibelius was to continue his quest for symphonic unity with the final version of his Fifth Symphony before ending his career with the last three big orchestral works, symphonies Six and Severn and finally Tapiola in 1926. These four works place him at the pinnacle of 20th century music.

This is playing almost of the old school, reminiscent of Menuhin or Oistrakh at their best. FANFARE

Here is infinite variety. Christodoulou is a sympathetic advocate ….. with pin-point intonation. CLASSICAL SOURCE

In the Elgar Christodoulou and Fingerhut play the unsettled beginning passionately. The Sibelius Humoresques are the standout in this interesting and enterprising programme. MUSIC WEB INTERNATIONAL

Greek-born violin virtuoso Efi Christodoulou, and the impressive Margaret Fingerhut, here give outstanding, intelligent performances. NEW CLASSICS CO

The Sibelius Humoresques are indispensable. SUNDAY TIMES

Efi Christodoulou tackles Sibelius Six Humoresques, with wit and flair, dashing off the virtuosic demands with élan and touches of silky warmth, and bringing infectious high spirits. THE STRAD

The quality of the deliberate dialog between violin and piano in the Debussy, makes a case for this serious interpretation. AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE