Carl Friedrich Abel: Symphonies Op. 17 Nos. 1-6


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13 Μαΐου 2022

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Carl Friedrich Abel

Symphonies Op. 17 Nos. 1-6


Hanover Band (on period instruments)

Anthony Halstead (Μαέστρος)

The Hanover Band is certainly one of the world’s finest and most renowned ensembles playing period instruments cpo has now planned a long-term collaboration with the top orchestra, focusing on the production of the symphonic-concertante complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach

Anthony Halstead will be the overall conductor Quasi as an overture and “appetizer”, we have recorded the 6 symphonies op. 17 by Bach’s friend Carl Friedrich Abel with the Hanover Band, which now ideally complement our Abel cycle with La Stagione

“…I have found in Italy and France that Abel’s symphonies are held in great esteem, and rightly so, because I have heard nothing that equals them.” There is probably nothing to add to this judgment of the world traveler in music, Charles Burney.

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