Vincent Lübeck: Complete Organ Works – Friedhelm Flamme



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29 Μαρτίου 2023


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Friedhelm Flamme (Organ (Christoph-Treutmann-Organ, Stiftskirche St. Georg zu Grauhof bei Goslar))

Lübeck, Vincent (1654-1740)

Praeludium ex C major LubWV 10

Praeludium ex G minor LubWV 12

Praeambulum et Fuga ex F major LubWV 8

Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich, LubWV 18

Praeambulum ex E major LubWV 7

Praeludium ex D minor LubWV 11

Nun Last uns Gott den Herren LubWV 15

Praeambulum et Fuga ex C minor LubWV 6

Praeambulum ex G major LubWV 9

Ich ruff zu dir Herr Jesu Christ LubWV 13

In Dulci Jubilo

Our magnificent SACD edition featuring complete recordings of the great organ masters of the North German baroque on historical instruments now turns to the Padingbüttel native Vincent Luebeck and his son. At the age of twenty Vincent the Elder became the organist at the Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian and beginning in 1690 he also served as titular organist at the Swedish St. Mary’s Church in Stade. As a teacher he enjoyed such a reputation there that pupils came to him from near and far. He also enjoyed great esteem as a composer and organ-building expert and was appointed organist at the Church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg in 1702. After his death his son, also named Vincent, became his successor. The present recording brings together the complete extant organ works of father and son, with most of them going back to before 1710. A predilection for Reperkussionsmotivi and the great many fugues with double themes stand out. The concertante passages, catchy melodies, and often clear harmonies reflect a turning to the style galant. It is with a sound marked by gravity and fundamental tones that Friedhelm Flamme interprets these works on the Treutmann organ, the only extant organ by Christoph Treutmann and thus one of the most important instruments from the first half of the eighteenth century and a organ representing a synthesis of Northern and Central German building styles.

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