The Pre-Raphaelite Cello – Adrian Bradbury & Andrew West


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Νέο!6 Ιουνίου 2024


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Adrian Bradbury (Cello)Andrew West (Piano)


Knorr, I: Variationen über ein Thema von K. Klimsch, Op. 4

Becker, H: Liebesleben, Op. 7, No. 5, Frage – No. 6, Antwort

trad.: L’amour de moy (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter)

Jean-Baptiste Lully, Roger Quilter: Amadio, Act II, Bois épais (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter)

Quilter: To Julia, Op.8, No. 3, To Daisies (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter) & No. 5, Julia’s Hair (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter)

Quilter: Where the Rainbow Ends, No. 11, Slumber Song (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter)

Quilter: Three Songs of William Blake Op. 20, No. 1, Dream Valley (Arr. for cello and piano by Roger Quilter)

Scott, C: Vesperale, Op. 40 No. 2 (Arr. for cello and piano by Boris Hambourg)

Scott, C: Lullaby, Op. 57 No. 2 (Arr. for cello and piano by Charles Warwick Evans)

Scott, C: Pierrot amoureux

Scott, C: Pastoral and Reel

Scott, C: Ballade

Grainger: Youthful Rapture

Grainger: Variations on Handel’s “The Harmonious Blacksmith”

Grainger: The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol

SOMM Recordings is proud to announce a recital disc from cellist Adrian Bradbury and pianist Andrew West titled The Pre-Raphaelite Cello – at once ground-breaking and celebratory, and rich with first recordings. The curiosity piqued by the album’s unusual name will be amply rewarded with the fascinating story of the artistic threads this programme weaves together and their relevance to important commemorations being observed this year. The idea was conceived and devised by pianist Oliver Davies (1938–2020) *, and the recording is dedicated to his memory. It is a tribute to the renowned British cellist Beatrice Harrison and her association with the composers of The Frankfurt Gang whose music she championed. And the occasion of this tribute is the 100th anniversary of the Nightingale Broadcast, one of the earliest ever made by the BBC from a remote location: on 19 May 1924 Beatrice sat and played her cello in the garden of “Foyle Riding” (the family home at Oxted), duetting with the local nightingales before a microphone that carried them over the airwaves to more than a million listeners and enchanted a nation. The composers in Beatrice’s circle included a multi-year cohort of anglophone composition students under Iwan Knorr at Frankfurt before the turn of the 20th century. Englishmen Roger Quilter and Cyril Scott and the Australian Percy Grainger belonged to this Frankfurt Gang, who remained close friends after their student days in Germany and who adopted the Pre-Raphaelite banner from the like-minded brotherhood of English painters and poets, distinguishing themselves musically from other British composers through a focus on emotion rather than musical architecture. They were among the composers inspired by Beatrice’s musicianship, and their works on this album were arranged for her or played and loved by her. These are prefaced on the programme by cello-piano pieces from Iwan Knorr (the composition professor who unites the Gang) and Hugo Becker (Beatrice’s cello teacher from the age of 15).

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