Third Coast Percussion – Archetypes


1 CD

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Third Coast Percussion (Ensemble), Clarice Assad (Piano), Clarice Assad (Vocals), Sergio Assad (Guitar)


Assad, C: Archetypes

I. The Rebel

II. The Innocent

III. The Orphan

Skidmore: Archetypes

IV. The Lover

Assad, S: Archetypes

V. The Magician

Martin, Peter: Archetypes

VI. The Ruler

Assad, C: Archetypes

VII. The Jester

VIII. The Caregiver

Dillon, R: Archetypes

IX. The Sage

Connors, S: Archetypes

X. The Creator

Assad, C: Archetypes

XI. The Hero

Assad, S: Archetypes

XII. The Explorer

Grammy Award-winning Third Coast Percussion, celebrated Brazilian guitarist Sérgio Assad, and his daughter, the vibrant vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Clarice Assad, a veritable musical dynamo (San Francisco Classical Voice), join forces for a collaboratively written program conjuring a dozen universal archetypes timeless characters shared by cultures around the globe. Figures such as the Rebel, Lover, Magician, Jester, Hero, and Explorer come to life in 12 short works melding imaginative chamber music with Latin jazz rhythms. The adventurous percussion ensembles vast color palette, Sérgio Assads unparalleled guitar mastery, and Clarice Assads diverse artistic contributions create striking musical portraits. Boston Classical Review proclaimed each piece cast a vivid impression of its respective theme…. The performers played with verve, revealing the music’s power to convey the traits underlying ancient, eternal ideas.