Kalevi Aho: Guitar Concerto, Quintet for Horn & String Quartet & J. S. Bach – Contrapunctus XIV



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Νέο!9 Μαΐου 2024

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Kalevi Aho:Concerto for Guitar and Chamber OrchestraQuintet for Horn and String Quartet
Johann Sebastian Bach:Contrapunctus XIV a4 "Unfinished Fugue"

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Kalevi Aho:Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra
Ismo Eskelinen (Guitar)
Lapland Chamber Orchestra (Ορχήστρα)John Storgårds (Μαέστρος)
Johann Sebastian Bach:Contrapunctus XIV a4 "Unfinished Fugue"
Lapland Chamber Orchestra (Ορχήστρα)John Storgårds (Μαέστρος)
Kalevi Aho:Quintet for Horn and String Quartet
Lauri Angervo (Cello)Taru Lehto (Viola)Iida Mojzer (Violin)Abel Puustinen (Violin)Ilkka Puputti (Horn)

Although the Finnish composer Kalevi Aho is best known as a symphonist, his constantly expanding catalogue includes numerous concertos as well as countless chamber works and arrangements of works by other composers. This disc brings together works from these three genres. The Guitar Concerto, dedicated to Ismo Eskelinen, posed many challenges for Aho, who is not a guitarist himself. It is a seven-movement work exploring the different ways the guitar can be used – sometimes with far from traditional techniques –and exploring its sonic possibilities. The Quintet for Horn and String Quartet was commissioned by Ilkka Puputti, who had previously premièred Aho’s Solo X for horn. Particularly demanding for the soloist, the quintet explores various atmospheres, in turns mysterious, whimsical, dramatic and dance-like. Contrapunctus XIV from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of the Fugue was left unfinished owing to the composer’s declining health. As he was dissatisfied with previous attempts to complete it, Aho decided to write his own, aiming to remain true to Bach’s style. This completion exists in several versions, including the one for string orchestra heard here, expertly performed by the Lapland Chamber Orchestra conducted by John Storgårds.