Nikos Skalkottas Piano Music: From Berlin to Athens



Κλασική Μουσική 


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Nikos Skalkottas

(Suite) (1924)

Griechische Suite (1924)

Sonatina (1927)

Suite No. 2 (1940)

Suite No. 3 (1941)

Suite No. 4 (1941)

The Gnomes (1939?) Dance Suite for Piano First Part

The Gnomes (1939?) Dance Suite for Piano Second Part


Lorenda Ramou (Piano)

The choice of works on this amply filled disc, as well as the performances are the result of Lorenda Ramou’s research into the artistic environment of Nikos Skalkottas, in Berlin (1921–33) and in Athens (1933–49). The programme is organized as a triptych, focusing on three distinctive compositional styles. First, all surviving Berlin works for piano solo are presented in chronological order, showing how the young composer was reacting to the new and exciting jazz/dance music, but also to the people around him and to events in the musical world of Berlin in the 1920s. This is followed by Suites Nos 2, 3 and 4, a group of mature works composed at the beginning of World War II (1940–41). Closing the disc, finally, is the dance suite The Gnomes, probably composed in 1939 and one of a group of piano scores for ballets with Greek subjects. Lorenda Ramou has previously released ‘The Land and the Sea of Greece’ – a disc of precisely such scores by Skalkottas – which earned her praise from the reviewer in Gramophone: ‘Her playing is full of verve and alive to the delicacy of Skalkottas’s writing.’