Folke Grasbeck plays Sibelius on the Ainola Piano


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5 Αυγούστου 2022

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Folke Gräsbeck (Piano)

Ainola, the house that Jean Sibelius built in 1904 and lived in until his death in 1957, has become legendary among lovers of Nordic music. It is said that Sibelius composed more than 300 works there, and it was in the fireplace of Ainola that he is thought to have burnt the manuscript of his Eighth Symphony, before falling almost completely silent as a composer. The house is now a museum, and receives tens of thousands of visitors every summer – many of them from abroad. It has remained largely unchanged since Sibelius and his family lived in it, and among the museum’s most treasured objects is the Steinway grand piano that Sibelius was presented with on his fiftieth birthday, in 1915. It is on this instrument, Sibelius’s trusted companion for more than 40 years, that Folke Gräsbeck has recorded this tribute to the composer on his 150th anniversary. A recognized authority on the piano music of Sibelius, Gräsbeck has put together a rich and varied selection that spans the composer’s entire career and includes rarities as well as some of his most popular original piano compositions alongside his transcriptions of orchestral favourites such as Finlandia and Valse triste.

Recording of the Month, “Musical and sonic nirvana, this; prepare to be overwhelmed.”

for a single-disc survey, why not hear [Sibelius’s complete piano works] on an instrument of the day rather than a more modern specimen built for the kind of concert-hall projection that is irrelevant to most of the music…[the Finlandia transcription] and the Valse triste apart, there may not be much here that shows Sibelius at his most personal. But it is still a disc to treasure. — Gramophone Magazine, July 2015

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