La Ninfea – Baroque songs and instrumental music


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Ensemble La Ninfea

Contents Purcell: Here´s a health! Holborne: Last will and testament La Ninfea: Divisions on The sick tune La Ninfea: La Follia Io son ferito alla bastarda Farnaby: Rosasolis Kircher: Antidotum Tarantulae Traditional: Tarantella Traditional: Tarantella italiana La Ninfea: Divisions on/über Oil of Barley Linne: Prélude improvisé Lully: Sommeil from Persée Lully: Entrée pour quatre Médecins from L´Amour médecin Lully: L´Opérateur from L’Amour médecin Marais: Le Tableau de l’operation de la taille Marais: Les Relevailles Marais: Suitte Charpentier: Idylle sur la retour du santé du Roy La Ninfea: Divisons on Jack´s health Hume: Good again (Arr. La Ninfea) Purcell: He that drinks is immortal

Six musicians united by one idea, playing 20 instruments in 27 formations, present a baroque kaleidoscope of pieces from the musical medicine chest.

La Ninfeas musical medicine chest: Baroque songs and instrumental music. La Ninfea, the early music ensemble around the recorder player Barbara Heindlmeier, together with the tenor Mirko Ludwig, is dedicated to the healing effects of music. In addition to well-known composers such as Henry Purcell (“He that Drinks Is Immortal”), Jean-Baptiste Lully with the enchanting “Sommeil” (from the opera “Persée”) about the healing effect of sleep or Marin Marais and his vivid “Tableau de l opération de la taille”, the musicians have discovered all kinds of things in archives about being ill, recovery and the joy of being healthy. In the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, for example, Giles Farnaby’s musical reference to a tasty liqueur called “Rosasolis”, which was administered as a fortification or aphrodisiac. Or Athanasius Kircher’s explanation of his “Antidote Tarantulae”: “Melodey whereby the curiret and healed the one bitten by the Tarantula.”

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