Enrico Caruso – In Song, Volume 3


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Enrico Caruso (Tenor)


CD 1

Barthélemy: Triste ritorno (Recorded 1906)

Tosti: Ideale in A Major (Recorded 1906)

Edoardo Mascheroni: Eternamente (Recorded 1911)

Curtis, E: Canta pe’ me (Recorded 1911)

Tchaikovsky: 6 Romances, Op. 38: No. 6, Pimpinella, Canzone Florentina (Recorded 1913)

Bizet: Agnus Dei (Recorded 1913)

Percy Kahn: Ave Maria (Recorded 1913)

Leoncavallo: Lasciati amar (Recorded 1913)

Crescenzo, V: Guardanna ‘a luna (Recorded 1913)

Cottrau: Fenesta che lucive (Recorded 1913)

Vincenzo Ricciardi: Amor mio (Recorded 1914)

Alvarez, F M: La Partida (Recorded 1914)

Tosti: Luna d’estate! (Recorded 1916)

Rotoli: Mia sposa sarà la mia bandiera (Recorded 1916)

Anton y Michelena: A la luz de la luna (Recorded 1918)

Alessio Olivieri: Inno di Garibaldi (Recorded 1918)

Arona: La Campana di San Giusto (Recorded 1919)

Rocco Trimarchi: Bacio ancora (Recorded 1903)

Zardo: Luna fedel (Recorded 1903)

Zardo: Luna fedel (Recorded 1902)

Tosti: La mia canzone! (Recorded 1902)

Barthélemy: Adorables torments (Recorded 1908)

CD 2

Tosti: Pour un baiser! (Recorded 1909)

Faure, J B: Crucifix in E Minor (Recorded 1912)

Jules Granier: Hosanna in A Major (Recorded 1912)

Massenet: Elégie

Tchaikovsky: Serenada Don-Zhuana (Don Juan’s Serenade), Op. 38 No. 1

Faure, J B: Les Rameaux (Recorded 1914)

Ronald: Sérénade espagnole (Recorded 1914)

Denza: Si vous l’aviez compris (Recorded 1915)

Leoncavallo: Les Deux serenades, Sérénade française (Recorded 1915)

Franck, C: La Procession

Faure, J B: Sancta Maria (Recorded 1916)

Tchaikovsky: 6 Romances, Op.6: No. 5, Pouquoi? (Recorded 1916)

Godard, B: Chansons des Mois, Op. 102: No. 6, Chanson de juin (Recorded 1916)

Jean Robert Planquette: Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse (Recorded 1919)

Crescenzo, V: Première caresse (Recorded 1919)

Clarence G. Gartner: Love is Mine (Recorded 1911)

Caruso, E: Dreams of Long Ago (Recorded 1912)

O’Hara: Your Eyes Have Told Me What I Did Not Know (Recorded 1913)

Gardner, John: Trusting Eyes (Recorded 1914)

Tosti: Parted (Recorded 1914)

Secchi: Love Me or Not (Recorded 1920)

J. C. Bartlett: A Dream (Recorded 1920)

When Caruso died his obituary in The Times included the sentence “It is quite safe to say that no tenor voice equal to his, in its combination of power and extreme beauty of quality, has been heard in this generation.” Most of us who are familiar with his recordings would, I believe, add the words “Nor has there been since” – I am certainly not aware that any of Caruso’s successors has ever claimed to be his equal. The selection contained on these two CDs, ranging as it does from the lightest-hearted of Tchaikovsky songs via sundry numbers of a religious nature to Neapolitan songs and Edwardian drawingroom ballads, may perhaps be regarded as less artistically ‘important’ than the operatic recordings, but Caruso was not a singer who lowered his standards when singing ‘light’ music. There is hardly a single track amongst the forty-four in this selection which does not make the listener think at one moment or another “Only Caruso could have done that!”

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