J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations arranged for Violin, Guitar & Cello


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Johann Sebastian Bach

Goldberg Variations, BWV988


Craig Ogden (Guitar), Tim Hugh (Cello), David Juritz (Violin)

“The dilemma facing any arranger of Bach is to remain true to the character of his music, knowing full well that it would have been infinitely more imaginative and far bolder. I have tried to stay in a sound world that would have been familiar to Bach, but there are some instances where I have deliberately chosen the wrong thing. A particularly egregious example occurs at the beginning of the first variation, where I split Bach’s seven-note bass figure between guitar and cello, wantonly destroying the beautiful pattern of a 41-note right-hand figure spread over four measures of seven notes each in the bass. Using only two players at this point would have been more correct, but I felt it was important to have the full trio involved as they embark on one of the great musical journeys. I’m sure there are other mistakes that I don’t even know I made, but I hope these won’t interfere with the enjoyment of the performers or listeners. Guitarists will notice that the notation often approaches the extreme upper end of the instrument’s register, especially in the canons. I thought it essential that these were realized in the original register in order to observe the various steps of the scale. On the other hand, the feeling of high or low is also relative to the range of an instrument, so if you’re playing for pleasure or even in concert, you might take these pieces down an octave for convenience.” (David Juritz)

“In working on this project, I had two factors on my side: Bach’s sublime and rigorous counterpoint, and Craig Ogden, a virtuoso guitarist whose technical proficiency is matched only by his Australian ability to remain unfazed by any challenge.” (David Juritz)