Thomas de Hartmann: Chamber Music


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Hartmann, Thomas de:

Sonata for Violin & Piano, Op. 51 /Elan Sicroff, Katharina Naomi Paul

I. Moderato

II. Andante

III. Andante molto – Vivace

La Kobsa /Elan Sicroff, Anneke Janssen

I. Assez lent

II. Allegro vivace, le rhythme très précis

Hommage à Borodine: Sérénade-badinage /Elan Sicroff, Natalia Gabunia

Feuillet d’un vieil album /Elan Sicroff, Natalia Gabunia

Fantaisie Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra, Op. 65 /Elan Sicroff, Quirijn van Regteren Altena

I. Allegro con brio

II. Romance

III. Finale

Chanson sentimentale /Elan Sicroff, Anneke Janssen

Deux pleureuses, Op. 64 /Elan Sicroff, Anneke Janssen

I. Lent

II. Andante molto

Koladky, Op. 60 /Amstel Quartet

I. Spiritual Song

II. Come Koladá, Come!

III. The Three Wise Men

IV. The Shepherd’s Pipes

V. The Arrival of Koladá

VI. Ovsén

VII. Eve of the Epiphany

VIII. Farewell Koladá

IX. Goosak

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 63 /Elan Sicroff, Anneke Janssen

I. Moderato

II. Tema con variazione

III. Finale

Menuet fantasque, Op. 66 /Elan Sicroff, Natalia Gabunia

Dances (4) from Esther, Op. 76: III. Danse Assirienne & IV. Danse Parthe /Elan Sicroff, Natalia Gabunia

Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano, Quasi Variation, Op. 75 /Elan Sicroff, Ingrid Geerlings, Joris van Rijn

The series of CD releases of the music of Thomas de Hartmann is largely the work of The Thomas de Hartmann Project, a group of dedicated volunteers and individuals joined by the common goal of bringing Thomas de Hartmann’s music to public attention. The primary aim of The Thomas de Hartmann Project is to make publicly available the compositions of Thomas de Hartmann; today a music as strangely inaudible as the composer is invisible, outside small groups familiar with de Hartmann’s musical collaborations with G.I. Gurdjieff. – Robert Fripp

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