Egon Wellesz: String Quartets


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Egon Wellesz

String Quartet No. 3, Op. 25

String Quartet No. 4, Op. 28

String Quartet No. 6, Op. 64


Artis Quartett Wien

Egon Wellesz (1885–1974) was an Austrian composer, teacher and musicologist, a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and an eminent scholar of Byzantine music. Wellesz left Austria for England in the wake of the Anschluss and spent the remainder of his life at Oxford University, where he taught from 1932. He wrote nine symphonies and nine string quartets, the latter series of works spread throughout his life. His earliest music is in a harsh but tonal style. There is a definite second period in which his music has a somewhat Brucknerian sound and towards the end of his life the music becomes more pan-tonal and serial in character. Wellesz’ works as a composer amount to at least 130 works in a variety of mediums; composing for the stage as well as for the concert hall. Recently, interest in Wellesz’ music has increased, in particular his nine symphonies have been recorded to great acclaim. The Quartets performed on this CD are premiere recordings.