Haydn, Nordheim & Bartók: String Quartets



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Arne Nordheim

Duplex for violin and viola

Béla Bartók

String Quartet No. 5, Sz 102

Franz Joseph Haydn

String Quartet, Op. 77 No. 1 in G major


Engegard Quartet

The combination of Haydn Opus 77/1, Nordheim’s Duplex and Bartók’s Fifth String Quartet, was an irresistible challenge for us. A choice of programme from our hearts. We aim for our recordings to be like our concerts, with balance throughout the programme and a feeling of having fulfilled a journey at the end. It is also imperative for us to have a close relationship with the works we record. Our primarius, Arvid, has a special connection with both Bartók’s Fifth Quartet through his mentor Sándor Végh, and with Duplex because of his contact with Arne Nordheim. The great quartets of Joseph Haydn are an ongoing project, and the joyful opening of Opus 77/1 sweeps the listener headlong into our third programme with 2L. Duplex is also one of Nordheim’s later works. It is an extreme work, filled with contrasts, virtuosity and beauty and is among the most accessible of Nordheim’s output. As with Haydn in opus 77/1, Bartók has found a comprehensive and unique musical language in his Fifth Quartet, an undisputable masterpiece.

The Engegård Quartet made their first appearance at the 2006 Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival. Inspired by the midnight sun, their musical landscape ranges from glowing core energy to the gentle lyrical sound of Norwegian nature.