Christos Samaras: Peace is When…


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Anita Tanyi-Manousis (Piano)

Female Vocal Ensemble of Polygyros Halkidiki

Maria Papageorgiou (Conductor)

Contents Samaras, C: Three Songs No. 1, Freedom Is… No. 3, The Child with the Trumpet No. 2, The Flowers Pray for the Children

Samaras, C: 3 Songs No. 3, The Child (Version for Women’s Choir)

Samaras, C: 5 Songs (Version for Women’s Choir & Piano) No. 1, The Mad Ship No. 2, The Sparkler No. 3, The Pledged One No. 4, Everything Was Taken by the Summer No. 5, The Grievance

Samaras, C: Christmas Songs (4) No. 1, If Only I Were a Stable’s Straw No. 2, Christmas Night No. 3, I Saw in My Dream Yesterday No. 4, Christmas

Samaras, C: Carols for Christmas/No. 1, Macedonian Carol (Arr. for Women’s Choir)

Samaras, C: Macedonian Songs (5) No. 5, Young Apple Tree No. 4, Sleep, You Who Takes the Children Away

Samaras, C: 3 Songs /No. 2, Dawn (Arr. for Women’s Choir)

The outstanding album PEACE IS WHEN… is first album in a series dedicated to the one of Greece’s leading composer, Christos Samaras. The recording includes 17 songs that run the gamut of the “Thamyriades” Female Vocal Ensemble of Polygyros Halkidiki repertoire – from full-voice style pieces to the women’s work song tradition of Greek Macedonia. Samaras turned a wonderful Greek poetry by Odysseas Elytis, Nikiforos Vrettakos, George Seferis, Kostis Palamas, Georgios Drossinis, Tellos Agras to the beautiful Greek songs.

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