The Crown: Heroic Arias For Senesino


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Νέο!3 Αυγούστου 2022

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Randall Scotting (Counter-Tenor)

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Laurence Cummings (Μαέστρος)


Giovanni Antonio Giaj: Eumene, Act II: Ricordati che offesa (Eumene)

Ariosti: Vespasiano, Act I: Lasso! Ch’io t’ho perduta (Tito)

Guiseppe Maria Orlandini: Olimpiade, Act II: Se cerca, se dice (Megacle)

Ariosti: Caio Marzio Coriolano: March of the Dead

Guiseppe Maria Orlandini: Adelaide, Act III

Adelaide, a te vengo (Ottone)

Vedrò più liete, e belle (Ottone)

Giovanni Alberto Ristori: Adriano in Siria, Act III

Di vassallo, e d’amante (Farnaspe)

Son sventurato (Farnaspe)

Giovanni Battista Bononcini: Griselda, Act II: Dolce sogno (Gualtiero)

Giovanni Antonio Giaj: Eumene, Act II

Sì, tu trovasti (Eumene)

Fra l’orror d’atra foresta (Eumene)

Guiseppe Maria Orlandini: Adelaide, Act II

Con due pegni (Ottone)

Non disperi peregrino (Ottone)

Giacomelli: Demetrio, Act II: Non so frenar il pianto (Demetrio)

Giovanni Battista Bononcini: Griselda, Act I: Affetto gioia (Gualtiero)

Guiseppe Maria Orlandini: Adelaide: Sinfonia ‘Minuet’

Ariosti: Caio Marzio Coriolano, Act II: So che guarda (Coriolano)

Lotti: Ascanio, Act II: Non può quest’alma in sen (Ascanio)

The legacy of the celebrity castrato Senesino has endured for centuries. He is known to us today primarily as Handel’s leading man for 13 seasons in London, and he was recognised the world over for his moving dramatic interpretations, fiery singing, and singular, over-the-top divo personality. Yet, Handel’s music for Senesino only shows us a fraction of the numerous virtuosic roles

written for the castrato. Here, for the first time, are arias by seven overlooked composers who also wrote showpieces for the (in)famous Senesino. All but one of the arias on this album are modern-day premieres and heard together, they illuminate the talents of an 18th-century operatic icon.

Each of the composers on this album was a genuine musical talent, greatly admired for the refinement and skill of their compositions, but they are almost entirely forgotten today. What a fascinating bunch! One was a part-time spy for the future King of France, another a workaholic recluse, one was accused of plagiarism and banished from London entirely, and another worked a side-gig composing music for Italian comedians.

The countertenor Randall Scotting’s debut album on Signum Records with Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, conducted by Laurence Cummings.