J.S. Bach: Harpsichord Concertos, BWV 1052, 1054, 1055 & 1058


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Νέο!16 Ιουνίου 2022

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor, BWV1052 (harpsichord or piano)

Keyboard Concerto No. 3 in D major, BWV1054 (harpsichord or piano)

Keyboard Concerto No. 4 in A major, BWV1055 (harpsichord or piano)

Keyboard Concerto No. 7 in G minor, BWV1058 (harpsichord or piano)


Hanover Band
Andrew Arthur (Μαέστρος)

“JS Bach’s seven concertos for solo harpsichord & strings, BWV 1052-1058, occupy a significant place in the history of music, marking as they do the origin of the keyboard concerto genre. Collectively, they encompass the gamut of Baroque rhetorical expression; indeed, leaving aside the six ground-breaking ‘Brandenburg’ Concerts avec plusieurs instruments, it is difficult to think of a more diverse, revolutionary and technically refined set of instrumental concertos from the Baroque period” – Andrew Arthur

Their first recording on Signum Classics, The Hanover Band play-directed by Andrew Arthur present four of these revolutionary concertos, and dedicate this release to their Founder and Artistic Director, Caroline Brown (1953-2018).

The Hanover Band’s players are amongst the finest in their field and the orchestra has built an internation- al reputation for the excellence of its performances and recordings of eighteenth and nineteenth-century music. Andrew Arthur is best-known for his work in the field of historically informed performance, he is in great demand as a conductor, keyboard soloist and continuo player, working with many of the UK’s leading period-instrument orchestras and professional choirs.

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