Tina Brooks: Minor Move (Tone Poet Vinyl)


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Blue Note

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Tina Brooks (Saxophone)

Contents 1. Nutville 2. The Way You Look Tonight 3. Star Eyes 4. Minor Move 5. Everything Happens to Me

Why is the Blue Note Tone Poet LP series such a huge success? Quite simple: the world’s first audiophile LP series by Blue Note selected by Joe Harley, called “the sound poet” mastering with pure analog production steps from the original tapes pressed in 180g vinyl at Record Technology Incorporated (RTI) stable, laminated tip-on sleeves & padded inner sleeves

The two albums now released by guitarist Grant Green (Born To Be Blue, 1962) and saxophonist Tina Brooks (Minor Move, 1958) continue the series with top albums from the Blue Note catalogue that fans are looking for.

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