Adam Jarzebski: Canzoni E Concerti A Due, Tre E Quattro Voci Cum


2 CD | Booklet 

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Frederick Chopin Institute


Νέο!23 Νοεμβρίου 2021


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Lucy van Dael (Μαέστρος)


Adam Jarzebski:

Concerto a 2 No. 1

Concerto a 2 No. 2

Concerto a 2 No. 3

Concerto a 2 No. 4

Diligam Te Domine

Cantate Domino – concerto a 2

In Deo Speravit, Concerto a 2

In Te Domine Speravi, Concerto a 2

Susanna Videns, Concerto a 2

Venite Exultemus

Cantate Joh. Gabrielis, Concerto a 2

Corona aurea

Nova Casa, Concerto a 3

Kustrinella, Concerto a 3

Sentinella, Concerto a 3

Berlinesa – Concerto a 3


Spandesa, Concerto a 3




Norimberga, Concerto a 3

Canzon Prima, a Quattro Voce

Canzon Seconda, a Quattro

Canzon Terza, a Quattro

Canzon Quarta, a Quattro

Canzon Quinta, a Quattro

There are recordings that do not lose their value as the years pass and this is one such recording. The recording of the complete instrumental works of Adam Jarzebski made almost 30 years ago, in 1992, was the first full presentation of this most beautiful example of Old Polish musical culture, stylishly performed on period instruments.

They were also played by excellent musicians the elite of historically informed performance at that time, led by Lucy van Dael and featuring such legends as the American cornettist Bruce Dickey. Years later, we had another chance to admire him at the ‘Chopin and his Europe’ festival in Monteverdi’s Vespro della Beata Vergine under the baton of Philippe Herreweghe.

On the wave of this recording, Jarzebski’s works began to appear in the repertoire of various ensembles, before Jean Maillet’s Mensa Sonora Ensemble produced another complete recording of the Canzoni e concerti in 1999.

It is with true satisfaction and great joy that we present to you this exceptional album, confident that it will delight you just as it delighted listeners three decades ago.

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