Stojowski: Songs


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Magdalena Molendowska (Soprano), Julia Samojło (Piano)

Contents Stojowski: Serenada Stojowski: Melodies (6), Op. 33 Stojowski: La Flute muette Stojowski: Euphonies Stojowski: A Stella Stojowski: Songs (5), Op. 11 Stojowski: Tęsknota Stojowski: Szkoda Stojowski: Niegodziwy Stojowski: Krakowiak Stojowski: Chansons Polonaises Stojowski: Memories of Poland

Thanks to Joseph Herter and the materials he provided, after almost twenty years the achievements and figure of the post-Romantic emigrant composer Zygmunt Stojowski emerged from the depths of oblivion, regaining his rightful position in the musical history of the Polish nation. Zygmunt Stojowski is increasingly recognized and appreciated as a composer, pianist and an outstanding teacher. His piano, symphonic and chamber music is an object of research, and is increasingly appearing in concert hall programs. Meanwhile, in published materials and manuscript that make up Stojowski’s compositional output, vocal forms (mainly songs) appear constantly, albeit irregularly, among various instrumental forms. Stojowski, as a student of Wladyslaw Zelenski in Kraków, was brought up in the spirit of the Romantic tradition, which both appreciated and used the form of song, so it is not surprising that they also can be found among Zygmunt Stojowski’s compositions. On this new release, his songs are interpreted by soprano Magdalena Molendowska and pianist Julia Samojlo.

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