Karol Rathaus: Piano Trios


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Νέο!24 Νοεμβρίου 2021
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Karol Rathaus

Trio Serenade for violin, cello and piano, Op. 69

Trio for Clarinet, Violin & Piano, Op. 53


Karol Rathaus Ensemble (Ensemble)

I am glad that together with the following artists: Marcin Hałat, Aleksandra Hałat, Piotr Lato and Marcin Mączyński, we undertook the premiere recording of two piano trios by Karol Rathaus: Trio, op. 53 from 1944 and Trio Serenade, op. 69 from 1953. Metaphorically speaking, reading a manuscript is like touching the reality of the composer himself, his thoughts, emotions and events from a world that surrounded him and that he missed, but still a world we can recreate thanks to interpretations of forgotten works. The main idea behind the whole process of being with Karol Rathauss piano trios, from readingthe manuscripts to recording the compositions, is primarily the desire to discover the composers aim and read his intentions. The overriding idea was to show the listener the characteristic language of the artist and to create an individual work of art at the level of a piano trio.

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