This Curious Harp


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Eleanor Hudson (Harp)


Bowen: Arabesque, Op. 20, No. 1

Dodgson: Ballade

Salzedo, L: Tonada, Op. 139

Parrott: Soliloquy & Dance

Pitfield: Sonatina for harp

Burgon: Nocturnes (3)

Harty: Spring Fancies

Dodgson: Fantasy for harp

Bantock: Sapphic Dance

This Curious Harp features a program of mainly unrecorded British music for solo harp performed by the distinguished harpist Eleanor Hudson, former Principal Harp with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and recorded in St Savior’s Church, Wildboarclough, in the heart of Macclesfield Forest in north west England. The program opens with York Bowen’s beautiful Arabesque, the only item on this release to have been commercially recorded before (once) and features delightful unrecorded music by Bantock, Hamilton Harty, Leonard Salzedo, Geoffrey Burgon, Stephen Dodgson, Ian Parrott and Thomas Pitfield.

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