Birth of the Etude


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Toccata Classics

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Johann Baptist Cramer

Étude No. 26 in G sharp minor

Étude No. 77 in D major

Daniel Steibelt

50 Études, Op. 78 (No. 31, 26, 33, 10, 11, 30, 24)

Joseph Woelfl

Practical School for the Piano Forte, Op. 56

Hélène de Montgeroult

Cours complet pour l’enseignement du Forté-Piano (Étude No. 78 in A major & No. 107 in B major)

Ludwig Berger

12 Études, Op. 12 (No. 1 in C major, No. 3 in C minor, No. 4 in D major, No. 8 in B flat minor, No. 9 in G minor, for the left hand & No. 11 in G minor)

15 Études, Op. 22 (No. 3 in C minor, No. 1 in A minor & No. 14 in B major)

Alexandre Pierre François Boëly

Trente études, Op. 6 (No. 30 in D major & No. 3 in F major)

Joao Domingos Bomtempo

Elementos de Musica e methodo de tocar Piano Forte, Op. 19 (Étude No. 7 in B flat minor, No. 5 in E major & No. 11 in G minor)


Anna Petrova-Forster (Piano)

The best-known piano studies are the 27 by Chopin, most of them composed in the 1830s. But Chopin did not create the genre: a number of prominent pianist-composers had already established the piano study, or étude, in the decades before Chopin sat down to write his. Although this repertoire is as good as unknown today, it is a treasure-trove of miniature jewels, many of them announcing the dawn of Romanticism in their combination of Classical delicacy and a new harmonic warmth.