20th Century British Works For Solo Cello


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Richard Jeremy Drakeford

Cello Suite No. 2

David Matthews

Songs & Dances of Mourning, Op. 12

John Mayer


Hilda Paredes

Zuhuy Kak

James Dillon



Rohan de Saram (Cello)

Released in Rohan de Saram’s 80th birth year. The present collection follows on from an earlier release [FHR49] and is devoted to works that were written for and were premièred by Rohan de Saram, his championing of new and unfamiliar music having been a hallmark of a career which now stretches back across six decades. A repertoire that is as extensive as it is varied in overall range, encompassing as this does many of those stylistic traits that have emerged during the post-war era and which here eschew the mutual exclusiveness that has too often proved an obstacle to the reception of contemporary music. A vindication, if such were necessary, of Rohan de Saram’s advocacy.