Émile Naoumoff: Complete Piano Music


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Toccata Classics

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Gregory Martin (Piano)


Naoumoff Emile (b.1962):

Fantasies No. 1, Las brisas

Elégies (3) No. 3, Mélancolique et slave (Version for Solo Piano)

Nocturno (La silencieuse ancienne ruelle de Tryavna)

Bulgarian Dances

No. 1, Ruchenitsa

No. 2, Bavna Ruchenitsa

Cathedral in Tears

Réminiscenses No. 4, Désespoir

La musique dans l’univers d’un enfant

No. 1, Conte d’automne

No. 2, Flocons de neige

No. 3, Une belle histoire

No. 8, La tempête

No. 13, Le château délaissé


Anecdotes (13)

No. 5, Le cygne

No. 6, Chez Brahms

No. 9, Old Big Band

Le parfum de l’âme

Valse pour Nadia

Réminiscenses No. 6, Berceuse

Les saisons de la vie No. 4, Entraînant

Fantasies No. 3, Romance

Emile Naoumoff, born in Sofia in 1962, was a child prodigy as pianist and composer in his native Bulgaria but was soon taken under the wing of Nadia Boulanger in Paris – ‘the gift of my old age’, she said. Naoumoff himself has tended to record the music of other composers, and so this recital of his piano music has been recorded by Gregory Martin, who has worked with him in various capacities. It presents music from across Naoumoff’s career – from that gifted childhood to a piece inspired by the sight of Notre Dame Cathedral in flames in 2019 – absorbing influences from Slavic folk-dance to Gabriel Fauré, whose ‘grand-student’ he is.

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