Joly Braga Santos: Complete Chamber Music, Volume Two


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Joly Braga Santos

Adagio e Scherzino for woodwind quintet

Piano Quartet, Op. 28

Piano Trio Op. 64

Suite for Brass for three trumpets, horn, two trombones and tuba

Suite of Dances, Op. 63, for piano, oboe, viola and double bass

Joly Braga Santos (1924–88) was one of the most important composers in twentieth- century Portugal. In his early works his fondness for modal harmony, absorbed from the Portuguese masters of the Renaissance, and his busy counterpoint combine to make him sound surprisingly close to such particularly English composers as Vaughan Williams and Moeran. Although his harmonic language became more astringent with time, it retained a burly sense of humour and a powerful charge of energy, often infused with the spirit of Portuguese folk-dance. The five works on this second volume cover three decades of composition, from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s, and offer a wide array of instrumental combinations.Piano Quartet, Op. 28

Jill Lawson, piano (Tracks 1–7) Eliot Lawson, violin (Tracks 1, 5–7) Natalia Tchitch,viola (Tracks 1–4) Catherine Strynckx, cello (Tracks 1 , 5–7) Adriano Aguiar, double bass (Tracks 2–4) Ricardo Lopes, oboe (Tracks 2–4, 8–9) Nuno Ivo Cruz, flute (Tracks 8–9) António Saiote, clarinet (Tracks 8–9) Carolino Carreira, bassoon (Tracks 8–9) Paulo Guerreiro, horn (Tracks 8–12) Jorge Almeida, trumpet (Tracks 10–12) António Quítalo, trumpet (Tracks 10–12) Pedro Monteiro, trumpet (Tracks 10–12) Jarrett Butler, trombone (Tracks 10–12) Vítor Faria, trombone (Tracks 10–12) Ilídio Massacote, tuba (Tracks 10–12)