Bawdy Ballads of Old England – 17th Century Songs & Dances


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20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022

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The City Waitess

Lucie Skeaping (Μαέστρος)


  1. Diddle Diddle or The Kind Country Lovers
  2. The Fair Maid of lslington
  3. Green Stockings
  4. The Jovial Lass or Dol and Roger
  5. Mundanga Was
  6. Lady of Pleasure
  7. The Old Wife
  8. The Beehive
  9. Blue Petticoats or Green Garters
  10. The Gelding of the Devil
  11. The Maid’s Complaint for Want of a Dil Doul
  12. Oyster Nan
  13. The Frolic
  14. The Husband who met his Match
  15. The Jovial Broom Man
  16. The Disappointment
  17. The Lusty Young Smith
  18. Greensleeves and Yellow Lace
  19. The Jolly Brown Turd
  20. Two Rounds: Tom Making a Manteau; When Celia was Learning
  21. Lady Lie Near Me
  22. Oh how you Protest
  23. A Ditty Delightful of Mother Watkin’s Ale
  24. Miss Nelly

“it is no good having lewd words one cannot hear … so full marks for the City Waites and their swinging dialect style … items are sometimes accompanied, sometimes not, and this nicely provides contrast, but they are made into lively entertainments” (Penguin Guide 3*) “a taste of the broadside ballad culture which pervaded the Restoration … The Maid’s Complaint is a remarkably spontaneous scene, led by soprano Lucie Skeaping complete with a bunch of drunks who join in, late … Good fun but not very clean!” (Gramophone) “good diction allows particular clarity” (MusicWeb)

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