David Moliner: Physical Sound


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17 Ιανουαρίου 2022


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David Moliner (*1991)

[01] Fantasie um das Klavier for prepared piano (2012, rev. 2020)

[02] Solo I “écho perpétuel d’un F pure…” for vibraphone solo (2016)

[03] Was koordiniert ist! Ist nicht koordiniert… (Zwei kleine Vögel) duo for flute and soprano saxophone (2015)

[04] Solo II “écho fluctuant d’un D sensuel…” for marimba solo (2017)

[05] Trio “Der Klang der Erde” for bassoon, cello and percussion (2015)

[06] Solo III “points de pénétration du t]k]” for body percussion (2018)

[07] Eindringlicher Satz (String Quartet III) (2020)

[08] Solo IV “…flux orgasmique de désir…” for snare drum (2020)

[09] Estructura I “…eros sur le bleu” for ensemble (2016)

David Moliner percussion


Lope Morales, flute ∙ Álberto Esteve, oboe ∙ Antonio Lapaz, clarinet ∙ Andrés Gomis, saxophone Álvaro Prieto, bassoon ∙ Duncan Gifford, piano ∙ Juan Luís Gallego, violin I ∙ Erica Ramallo, violin II Ana María Alonso, viola ∙ Mikolaj Konopelski, cello

Fabián Panisello conductor World premiere recordings

“Physical Sound” is the name of the debut CD by Spanish composer David Moliner, for which he was able to win over top-class interpreters in the form of conductor Fabian Panisello and his PluralEnsemble.

The music of the young Spanish composer David Moliner is often latently conceived as music-theatrically and, for all its diference, has a great physicality. This may be due to the fact that Moliner himself is a percussionist. However, he has been deepening and intensifying this aspect of his music more and more in recent years. The physicality of the players’ actions as well as the physicality of the sound itself and its instrumental and vocal realisation are at the centre of his musical thinking.

May this be heard and experienced on this CD, which brings together solo, chamber and ensemble works, even without the theatrical-visual component so central to Moliner, and draw the listener into this sound.

“The encounter with the music of David Moliner through the preparation of this CD has been a very a pleasant surprise for me as it has allowed me to discover an artist who combines his solid knowledge of the metier with an instinct for sound and a very valuable parlando for the communication to express this new music.” – Panisello.

Expression is a central element in Moliner’s music, expression in the form of a sensual experience of sound (“physical sound”), as it plays a role in a special way when working with percussion instruments – Moliner himself is an outstanding percussionist. This is also reflected in the programme of the edition: in addition to the ensemble work “Estructura I ‘… eros sur le bleu'”, there is chamber music as well as four solo works for marimba, vibraphone, snare drum and body percussion.

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